Middle School Administration

A Message From the Principal, Sandy Rutherford

Dear Families,
I would like to welcome everyone to Sanborn Regional Middle School. Our school operates under the true Middle School teaming model for all 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students, providing many opportunities for academic and social growth. It encourages positive relationship development, challenges students to take an active role in their education, and provides a smooth transition from elementary through middle and on to high school.

As principal I am proud to work with an exceptional group of teachers and staff who strive to help all students excel in academic and social arenas. In order to promote student achievement our school has developed a School Improvement Plan, concentrating on the following strategies: focused language and math skills, curriculum alignment to GLE's, and school programs to support student remediation. Each of these strategies enhances the critical thinking and problem-solving skills of our students. Our literacy team collaborates with all academic areas and uses novel studies to teach grammar, writing, and literature.

This year's schedule is designed to maximize all students' academic time as well as offer intervention strategies, during regular school hours, for struggling math and reading students. Teachers are quickly incorporating tools from 21st Century technology into their instructional plans. The addition of interactive Smartboard technology, mimeo boards and student laptop carts has helped increase the excitement, investment, and achievement of Sanborn Regional Middle School students. Our elective programs explore many untapped talents in technology, chorus, band, advanced art, drama, yearbook, ski club, newspaper, and intramurals.

This year Sanborn Regional Middle School has implemented an advisory program for 30 minutes twice a week. Over the last year our staff studied "best advisory practices" and trained with Timberlane Middle School staff. Timberlane Middle School was voted the "Best Middle School in NH in 2010." A significant part of their submission for the "Best Schools" award was their highly effective advisory program.

Benefits of an Advisory program

Research conducted by Brown University has found the following benefits of effective advisory programs:

1. Academic achievement was improved; failing grades were reduced; and test scores increased.
2. 46 percent of teachers believed they influenced several of their advisees to improve their grades.
3. Student attitudes improved significantly (75% by one measure).
4. Student-teacher relations improved.
5. Number of drop-outs declined.
6. Transition to high school was eased.
7. Liaison for parents was provided.

We all believe this school year will be fantastic. With your help, we are confident your child will receive a well rounded educational experience at Sanborn Regional Middle School. Working together we will promote a varied and resourceful learning environment that will lead the way to our vision of “Excellence for All.”


 Sandy Rutherford


From the Vice-Principal Michael Shore

Welcome back to our returning students and a warm welcome to our incoming 6th graders. My name is Michael Shore and I am the assistant principal at SRMS. This is my eighth year in this position and I continue to enjoy the students and community. We are extremely excited about our new technology initiatives such as Pinnacle, the new library cataloging software, and new hardware.


 The goal of our Advisory is to foster both the educational and social development of all students. In doing so, Sanborn Regional Middle School will provide a formal on-going program through which each student has an adult in the school, in addition to the guidance counselor, who knows the student well and assists the student in being successful. Advisory will be held for thirty minutes each Tuesday and Thursday throughout the year.

Although my primary responsibilities are discipline and teacher observations, please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or comments.

Michael Shore
Assistant Principal

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