Curriculum Documents

j02831942Sanborn Regional School District Curriculum Documents

District Competencies: Overarching district-wide competencies.

Deconstructed Standards: These standards represent each of the standards broken down to include what students need to know, understand, and do to demonstrate proficiency for each standard. This document provides a guide for developing assessments that measure profiency. 

Common Core Standard Concepts Sheet: The process of defining each standards based on the concepts and big ideas that shape the development of curriculum.
Common Core Extended Standards: These standards focus on the "concepts" or 'essence" of each standard to facilitate the steps to achieving each standard for students needing different paths to proficiency.
District Scope and Sequence Charts: The district scope and sequence charts provide a guide to grade-level teachers for curriculum instruction and integration of content areas.

 Literacy wpe28084 1button 2button 3button 4button 5button
CCSS Deconstructed  bd10337_  bd10337_  bd10337_  bd10337_  bd10337_  bd10337_
CCSS Extended  bd10337_  bd10337_  bd10337_  bd10337_  bd10337_  bd10337_
Scope & Sequence [Curriculum]  wb01072_  wb01072_  wb01072_  wb01072_ wb01072_  wb01072_
CCSS  Anchor Standards    bluebutton
Mathematics  wpe28084  1button  2button  3button  4button 5button
CCSS Deconstructed  bd10337_  bd10337_ bd10337_   bd10337_ bd10337_  bd10337_
CCSS Extended  bd10337_ bd10337_ bd10337_   bd10337_ bd10337_  bd10337_
Scope & Sequence [Curriculum]  wb01072_  wb01072_ wb01072_  wb01072_  wb01072_  wb01072_
Social Studies  wpe28084  1button  2button  3button  4button  5button
NHGLE Deconstructed  bd10337_  bd10337_  bd10337_ bd10337_  bd10337_   bd10337_
Scope & Sequence [Curriculum]  wb01072_  wb01072_  wb01072_  wb01072_  wb01072_  wb01072_
Science  wpe28084  1button  2button  3button  4button  5button
NHGLE Deconstructed   bd10337_  bd10337_  bd10337_  bd10337_  bd10337_ bd10337_ 
Scope & Sequence [Curriculum]  wb01072_  wb01072_  wb01072_  wb01072_  wb01072_ wb01072_ 


Literacy 6button 7button 8button 9-10 11-12 
CCSS Deconstructed bd10337_ bd10337_ bd10337_ bd10337_ bd10337_ 
CCSS Extended bd10337_ bd10337_ bd10337_ bd10337_ bd10337_ 
CCSS Anchor Standards bluebutton      bluebutton
Mathematics 6button 7button 8button 9-10 11-12
CCSS Deconstructed  bd10337_  bd10337_ bd10337_  bd10337_  bd10337_ 
CCSS Extended bd10337_  bd10337_ bd10337_  ALG  bd10337_
Social Studies 6button 7button 8button 9-10 11-12
CCSS Desconstructed SS Literacy bd10337_  bd10337_  bd10337_ bd10337_  bd10337_ 
Science 6button 7button 8button 9-10 11-12
CCSS Deconstructed SCI Literacy bd10337_ bd10337_  bd10337_  bd10337_ bd10337_ 

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