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Jim Baker
Peter Broderick
Corey Masson

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The Finance Sub-Committee has authority to approve any line item transfer of Ten Thousand Dollars ($10,000.00) or more, and must inform the entire school board of any such actions by board policy.

 The committee is also responsible for the following items:

  •  Recommends approval of the Base Budget Allocations
  •  Monthly reviews budget-to-actual financial data
  • Reviews bidding information and negotiates with contractors for these services
  •  Annually reviews and refines the budget preparation process
  •  Annually reviews the Capital Replacement Plans and makes a recommendation to the School Board

The Finance Sub-Committee has two Board members and the Business Administrator.

(formerly Maintenance and Transportation)


2017-2018 Members

Jim Baker
Corey Masson
Sheila Pierce

Meeting Minutes

The Facilities Sub-Committee is dedicated to ensuring that all buildings and property of the district are properly maintained to provide an appropriate educational environment.  Furthermore, the committee is dedicated to providing safe and expedient transportation to and from school and other school-related events.

The facilities Sub-Committee is responsible for the following:

  • Making final approval for all bussing issues
  • Reviewing and approving alterations to the facilities and grounds
  • Overseeing the district-wide maintenance schedule
  • Developing and overseeing the Capital Improvement Plan
  • Overseeing the development of the budget for buildings and grounds, Capital Improvement Plan and transportation, and to advocate for them during the budget review process

The Facilities Sub-Committee has three Board members and the Business Administrator.


2017-2018 Members

Jim Baker
Peter Broderick
Sheila Pierce

Meeting Minutes

The Personnel Sub-Committee will work to select and hire the best people for the District through the following tasks:
  •  Develop or refine job descriptions
  •  Review personnel needs of the District
  •  Recommend to the Chair of the Board, the process to be used and the people to be involved in selecting administrators for the District. (The Personnel Chair will be a member of all administrative search committees.)
  •  Organize the evaluation of the Superintendent of Schools
  •  Recommend salary adjustments for non-union staff
  •  Develop draft contracts and evaluation tools for non-union staff

The Personnel Sub-Committee consists of three Board members and the Superintendent of Schools.


2017-2018 Members

Dr. Pam Brown
Taryn Lytle
Tammy Mahoney

Meeting Minutes 

The Policy Sub-Committee is responsible for the development and review of all school board policies which will be disseminated on the District's website.

The Committee is specifically responsible for the following items:

  • Maintaining policy review and schedule
  • Post approved policies on the web
  • Notifying affected parties of policy development and/or changes
  • Initiate the identification of policy changes required by NCLB

The Policy Sub-Committee consists of three Board members and the Superintendent of Schools.

Public Relations


2017-2018 Members

Peter Broderick

Corey Masson

 Taryn Lytle

Meeting Minutes 

The Public Relations sub-committee will investigate and execute every opportunity to promote district-wide knowledge and awareness of facts relating to school programs at all levels, both academic and administrative.  This sub-committee will also disseminate information promoting the District as a whole.
Some of the methods to be used:
     * News media
     *District Newsletters via direct mail or sent home with students
     *General population newsletters
     *Letters to the Editor
     *Web sites
     *Local Access TV -Newton and Kingston
     *Networking with community citizens
     *Posters and notices on Town Hall bulletin boards
     *State and federal representatives
     *Community groups

Seacoast School of Technology 

2017-2018 Member

Corey Masson

The Seacoast School of Technology is the regional Career and Technical Center serving high school students from Epping, Exeter, Newmarket, Raymond, Sanborn Regional and Winnacunnet high schools.  SST offers selective coursework preparing students for their lives after high school - college, work or the military.

Many of the programs allow students to earn college credit and industry-recognized certifications while fulfilling their high school graduation requirements.  Most importantly, students get the opportunity to explore areas of interest in a hands-on environment with great facilities and cutting-edge technology.

Excellence in Student Achievement

2017-2018 Member

Dr. Pamela Brown
Tammy Mahoney
Taryn Lytle

The purpose of the Excellence In Student Achievement (EISA) Committee is to ensure the highest level of student achievement. The committee is responsible for monitoring student performance and making recommendations to improve student achievement to the school board.

The committee will:

  • Work to advance student achievement.
  • Review Quarterly Academic Achievement Reports.
  • Review policies and/or Administration recommendations that impact student achievement.
  • Review district's professional development plan for the year, ensuring alignment with student achievement goals.
  • Review resources to ensure students have adequate tools for learning.
  • Oversee program evaluation to ensure educational programs are effectively impacting student achievement, and that successful programs are replicated where possible.
  • Review and recommend to the Board resolutions pertaining to student achievement, corresponding policies, programs, etc.
  • Follow up on implementation of Board-approved policies and programs.
  • Monitor with the school board, progress on the Board's annual goals.
  • Present the district's report card to the community.
  • Communicate to the public the goals of the district to advance student achievement.
  • Advises the Board of curriculum and scheduling.

The committee should be comprised of three school board representatives, curriculum directors, and teacher representation when needed.

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